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Think before you waste

Within the Orange box project, I have become much more aware of sustainability and the environmental impact that is created during the production process. Sustainability in a production sense means the process of maintaining an Eco-friendly concept of society. In a nut shell it is meeting the current needs of today without compromising the future of later generations.

Currently Orange Box are not working within an environmentally friendly way with their production waste. During manufacturing there is a huge amount of material waste every week which is then left to be incinerated. Orange Box tasked us to design and create covers for their Sully stool using off cut material wastes. The idea behind this is to create a circular cycle so instead of it being material > production > product > Waste incinerated. It will become material > production > product > waste > production > Sully stool. By taking the wasted materials back to the beginning of the cycle they will be able to create more products with a lot less wastage. This will also benefit them financially by using off cuts of fabrics to create new products. Meaning that there is more fabric being used and less money spent, with something being made from the fabric which normally would be thrown away. On a personal level this project has made me think about my ways of creating. I am now conscious about how much material I use, using the actual amount which is needed to produce the smallest amount of waste possible.

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