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Reimagining the 50s

New Designers 2020

In July 2020 Beth was selected to take part in New Designers alongside a group of her peers representing UWTSD. Through this Beth was able to submit the collection 'Tropical Bliss' to Harlequin.

"Due to the current pandemic many of us have been confined within our homes, travelling to different destinations is no longer an important or in many cases possible. The concept behind my collection is to transport yourself into a tropical bliss within the comfort of your own home. Surround yourself with bold bright colour tropical motifs that naturally uplift your mood. Inspired by ‘Kew Gardens Palm house’ I absorb the tranquillity of my tropical surrounding and translated them into my designs. Looking closely at the shape and form of the plants, capturing small details like the textures and patterns you find when you look closely. I wanted the colours to create a happy atmosphere there has been many theorists who have found colours have a direct impact on our emotions. Surrounding yourself with bright colours has said to create a more joyful environment which is why colour has is why colour become one of the main focal points of my designs. I feel that it important that we find comfit and joy within our home, they are places we call our own expressing who we are or the places we would like to be." - Beth Agar 2020
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