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Frozen Figures 

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Mirroring Joy

Building Conversation 


Mirroring Joy was a project in response to the live brief set by the RSA ‘platform for joy’. The brief asked Beth to create a response in a creative format that brings joy to train stations, identifying the problem that is currently within stations and posing a solution. Beth identified that currently, people have a negative perception of train stations, our emotions and behaviours are impacted by our surroundings and in turn, have an impact on those around us. Beth investigated this issue through research trips to train stations and by undertaking surveys and questioning those who have direct contact with the environment concerning the theme of joy. Beth has successfully gathered a range of information that she has used to inform her designs, based on what people felt would improve the stations and colour schemes they consider to be joyful which was a key characteristic within her designs.

Finally, Beth has created a series of life-sized figures that are designed to showcase colour and pattern inspired by the 10 aesthetics of joy from the book ‘Joyful’ by Ingrid Fetell Lee. This is intended to create a joyful atmosphere promoting happy emotions and behaviours. Within ‘Mirroring Joy’ Beth wants people to see these figures and try to see themselves within this context embracing the bright colourful patterns with the response of lifting their moods.

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